An important part of RECPTA membership is access to all of the wisdom our other members and alumni have about raising kids in North Oak Cliff.  Whether you are needing childcare, a great new Pediatrician, a lawn service or just new ideas of what to do with your toddler or preschooler to get you out of the house, RECPTA Members have some answers.

Sometimes it feels like our members are asking some of the same questions over and over.  So, our volunteers have put together the following Resource Guides to condense some of that wisdom into a simple guide to help you on your way.**  If you see a topic that has not been covered and would be willing to do a little crowdsourcing and check some facts for us, please contact: [email protected] and let us know what resource you want to share with our RECPTA community.

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Toddler Activities and Classes

Area Childcare and Preschools

RECPTA Babysitter List

 Local Parks

 **RECPTA does not endorse any of the businesses, people or activities included in these Resource Guides.  They are a collection of recommendations or ideas offered by individual members and collected here for your convenience.  You are responsible for doing your own research and fact checking before deciding to participate in or purchase any of the services offered by these recommendations.